Substance Abuse Treatment for Adult & Adolescent

Substance Abuse Treatment for Adult & Adolescent

Substance abuse has been identified as one of this County’s greatest problems by Halifax County Community Advisory Council. There has never been a time in the history of our society that addressing this need is more important than now due to a number of reasons, including but not limited to the influx of drug dealers from within and outside the county in our area, the current unemployment and economic situation, etc. The most perplexing issue is that our young ones upon whom the future of the family and our society rest upon are being adversely impacted by the drug problems. Many of our youths are dropping out of schools, marriages, relationships; and families are breaking apart due to the impact of drug addiction and more and more children become DSS statistics. Unfortunately, many of those addicted to drugs are not aware of available treatment options including the effectiveness of suboxone prescription in stabilizing opiate addiction.

In treating adolescent clients,it is important that the family be present throughout the process. Drug and alcohol use does not affect only the person using the substances; it affects the entire family. Parents and siblings are usually struggling with significant consequences of just one family member’s substance abuse. At First Step we strongly recommend and provide multiple ways for families to become involved in treatment along with their teen who is using the substances.

During the substance abuse assessment, the client and counselor together develop the best treatment plan to achieve the goals you choose.

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