• Court Ordered Substance Abuse/Mental Treatment

    Court Ordered Substance Abuse/Mental Treatment

    Court-ordered treatment is also known as “coerced treatment”—the substance abuser is forced to undergo treatment ordered by the courts. The reasoning is the abuser does not possess the motivation or discipline necessary to seek treatment on her own, let alone overcome her addiction. This method is often a relief to family members who tried unsuccessfully to get the abuser to accept treatment.


  • Treatment Accountability for Safer Communities (TASC) is a vital aspect of court-ordered substance abuse treatment. When an abuser is charged or convicted of a non-violent crime, TASC provides referrals for drug-treatment programs and oversees the abuser’s case. TASC also helps local law enforcement to resolve any issues they have with a drug treatment program.

In treating adolescent clients, including the family throughout the entire process, is very helpful. Drug and alcohol use does not affect only the person using the substances; it affects the entire family. Parents and siblings are usually struggling with significant consequences of just one family member’s substance abuse. At First Step we strongly recommend and provide multiple ways for families to become involved in treatment along with their teen who is using the substances.

During the substance abuse assessment, the client and counselor together develop the best treatment plan to achieve the goals you choose.

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